Exorcise Love: A Memoir
by Hannah Lott-Schwartz


Warning that certain ground is sacred or accursed; that a house or city must not be built upon it—or must be abandoned or destroyed if built, under penalty of catastrophe.

I know that my mom likes The Beatles a lot. They are her favorite, and I think they're my favorite, too. She has the best Beatles tape in, and we're both singing, and I sing really loudly so that Mom knows I know all the words. We do this a lot. When my favorite song on the best tape is over, I ask what it's all about, what songs are about.

"Love," she says.

"All of them?"

"All of them."

And now that she's gone, not nearly enough years later, I've realized that there are so many songs that I've just sang along with in my life, that I'd never really heard any of them before.

About the Author

Hannah Lott-Schwartz has been recognized for her poetry, both spoken and written word, in a number of contests and publications and has most recently ventured into creative nonfiction. Hannah is a graduate student in Emerson College’s Publishing and Writing program. She reads language usage books for a good time, appreciates unnecessary abbreviations, and favors sarcasm over most everything else.