by Rob Neill


Hideous secret society—widespread—horrible rites in caverns under familiar scenes—one’s own neighbour may belong.

Hello. Good, good friend o’ mine. How are you this fine and misty spring morn? Enjoying all it is that you are, you are right now. Enjoying your iced half-caf latte. Enjoying how nice it is to chat out here on the street. I will not detain you long, I can tell you are on your way to work, but, I was hoping to speak with you, speak about a little project I have been working on for the last few years of my life, our lives. Perhaps we can chat as we walk downtown. Shall we? Ahhh just taste the life in the air today. It is so affirming would you not agree, future minion/master/merchant/lover? But wait, I get ahead of myself.

First let me tell you that I AM A MEMBER OF THE KPZ STRAZ HYPHEN STARS (there are lots of us) and want you to know now that I am here, here among you. We are. Though we always are here among you. Often silent, hidden in our stealthiness. And now is the time for the union, the confluence of us 2.0. It is time to upgrade our relationship. Move over bacon. Flashpoint. You have worked with me, right? And your mother has made cookies for the SuperPreemptor of the KPZ Straz. He likes cookies and killing puppies with scissors! Hail Super P! I like cookies too with the chips & the frosting. But wait I get away from what I want to say. I digress.

About the Author

Rob Neill is a founding member and Managing Director of the New York Neo-Futurists and has performed Too Much Light Makes The Baby Go Blind around the country since 1995. Rob has worked at the Ontological in the Incubator & Tiny Theater, created original pieces for PS 122’s Avant-Garde-Arama and Vampire Cowboys’ RE-VAMPED, produced The 6-Pack and Apocalypse Neo at the Kraine, and recently co-created Laika Dog in Space. Rob continues to write and perform in Too Much Light, works some days in the commercial industry, and has several of his plays and poems published. He trained at the London Academy of Music and Dramatic Art, the National Theater Institute, and Grinnell College.


An excerpt of Rob Neill's KPZ STRAZ HYPHEN STARS, read by the author: