Levittown (36. Disintegration)
by Mark Farr


Disintegration of all matter to electrons and finally empty space assured, just as devolution of energy to radiant heat is known. Case of acceleration—man passes into space.

The rocket crashes prow-first into an ironwork sea of creation, rolling under, caught up in currents of the great beyond.

“Time is passing strangely.”

Angelic societies light back to their posts, to pour the sea of their attention over all the earth and all that is on the earth.

The light from heaven is so great that it exceeds by many degrees the noonday light of the world. He turns under grinding, mechanical spheres built from brass, copper, gold, and iron.

Benny the spaceman gawps out the glass and searches for a word that describes the feeling that you’ve completely misunderstood the size of the proceedings.

About the Author

Mark Farr, unable to love, is driven by an insane desire to kill! Living for violence, sin, and sensation, he is a writer and theater artist who lives in Brooklyn, party central. Ha ha ha! He thinks he knows it all!