Notes on Lemmings
by Justin Marquis


Migration of Lemmings—Atlantis.

The lemmings of Atlantis must have swarmed and crowded closer on the cliff tip, ancient footprints in the long soaked dirt concentrating tighter and tighter higher and higher… Perhaps their instincts betrayed them, for they dug into the soil a winding catacomb to fight the sea and stave off death. They fled in droves into the dark recesses of the wet earth into the tight cells. Living as wood lice would as the rest of Atlantis drowned, a lonely and horrific existence. The only path to death was in drowning, and drowning is nothing like falling, especially for a race so finely attuned to suicide. Huddled at the edge the dingy water still tinted and tainted with the grit and grime of their ancestors’ blood, the lemmings explored the submerged tunnels.

About the Author

Justin Marquis is a 24-year-old mixed media artist based in Cambridge, MA. Justin is currently caught up in the beauty of angles and curves, which might explain why there are so many diagonal lines in his illustrations in this book. Justin really, REALLY hopes you like his artwork but is comforted by the fact that this is sort of a one-way conversation and that there isn’t any easy way for you to be a total jerk about it. Ha Ha Ha...