Relative Damnation:
A Very Short Novel
by Joseph Fink


Man has sold his soul to devil—returns to family from trip—life afterward—fear—culminating horror—novel length.

Father returned late one night from a long trip, perfectly unharmed except for a small but deep wound on his cheek that wouldn’t stop bleeding for three days.

The wound was not in a particular shape, did not bring to mind any religious symbol nor a perversion thereof. It did not resemble the claw marks of an immense beast, nor did it seem that his flesh had been torn open from the inside by the power of black magic. It had no sulphurous odor, nor could anyone smell fields of rotting corpses, the aftermath of terrible battles over unimportant disagreements, the scent of a great mass of life destroyed in vain. The edges of the wound were neither gangrenous nor singed. The blood was an ordinary red, and when it dried, it dried an ordinary brown.

“Damn things,” he said, indicating the low-hanging branches over the driveway. “Silly mistake. Only myself to blame.” No one thought for a moment that he might be lying.


About the Author

Joseph Fink spent a lot of hours sitting in front of a computer to make this book. He hopes that you enjoy it. When he’s not typing “how to lay out book” into Google, he is a writer who lives in Brooklyn.