Vampire Dogs (or What Came Out)
by Meg Bashwiner


Vampire dog.

I went looking for the quiet and realized that I was the noise.

The fuzzy fuzz of nothing being broadcast.

I am an analog soul in a digital world—I don’t think that statement is true—I just like the way it sounds.

I fear they will die and I won’t be strong enough. I fear I will die and they won’t be strong enough.

By the time I recognize what this means I will be gone—I will be just scribbles on a long forgotten page, temporary permanence, scrawled on recycled paper with my favorite pen. There is so much genius that is lost in the passing through that it staggers me and leaves an unsettling tremble in the tremble in my hand. I throw the windows open and drain my veins but I am still far away from the rush—distance is just a concept on how we measure the length to the solution. Numbers now. 19301844857276641818986


About the Author

Meg Bashwiner is a writer, actress, theatrical magic maker, and insurance agent. She is a 2008 Graduate of the University of Massachusetts, where she studied theater and learned how to spell Massachusetts. She is a proud native of the Garden State. She thinks the editor of this book is pretty happening in a far out way and desires to make him pancakes, a lot. Meg is an avid parallel parker and a noted cheese connoisseur. She likes dogs (vampire and non), writing, and cooking. She cannot resist a double dare, and she floats in most liquids. Oh and she likes you and your funky style.