by Kurt Chiang


A very ancient colossus in a very ancient desert. Face gone—no man hath seen it.

He exists! My perfect man. You were always jealous of him. You would always make fun of him, and me. You’d call him the Canary. Because you’re a dimwit. You had the Canary Islands in your mind. Like an asshole. I’m not in the Canary Islands. I’m not anywhere. Just a very ancient desert with my very own very ancient colossus. He exists, Sam! And I’m the only one that has seen him!

She paused for a long time. I assumed she was crying. I assumed I was supposed to be crying.

I don’t expect I’ll keep this up very long. This was a great adventure. I don’t think I’ll try to find anyone. Sam… Sam, do you think you can find me?

About the Author

Kurt Chiang is a Neo-Futurist in Chicago. He writes and performs tiny, tiny plays with the NF ensemble in Too Much Light Makes the Baby Go Blind.


An excerpt, read by Erica Livingston:

Find your own very ancient colossus in a very ancient desert...