Upon his untimely death, H.P. Lovecraft, the early twentieth-century master of “weird fiction,” left behind descriptions of 221 unwritten stories. Some were only a few ambiguous words long, others were complete plot outlines, and all of them died with their author.

Now, 70 years later, writers from all over the country have come together to bring these untold stories to life. The only requirement for the writers—to create a piece that fulfilled every part of Lovecraft’s original vision. The results are as varied as the artists behind them. Inside this book waits horror, science fiction, comedy, memoir, experimental text art, and one extremely short novel.

Some of these stories will take away your worries. Others will take away your sleep. And a few will take you to another world, a world where weird fiction still lives, and the way home may prove difficult to find indeed…

"If you’re feeling the distinctly sharp absence of cults, exorcisms, and unnameable discomfort in your life, look no further than A Commonplace Book of the Weird: The Untold Stories of H.P. Lovecraft to soothe your aching void."
-Black Clock, California Institute of the Arts literary blog