The Story of the Faceless Man
by Brian James Polak


Man observed in a publick place with features (or ring or jewel) identified with those of man long (perhaps generations) buried.

Stand before a full length mirror. It is you. But the markings on your arms and legs are not.

On your left arm is you asleep, covered in sweat. This morning.

Pull your sleeve up. On your right arm is you standing in the street. People staring.

On your stomach is the same marking from the shopkeeper’s arm. You being handed a cup of tea. You but not you. A faceless man.

Turn around. On the back of your legs. What is that? One image across your two legs. A bridge. A body falling off the side. Is that you? Is that your death?

Pull off your shirt. Remember your death was once pictured across your chest. You on a bed, your future wife by your side.


It’s gone.

About the Author

Brian James Polak is a playwright living in Los Angeles. His plays have been read and produced around the United States and London. His play Reverse Evolution is published in the Smith & Kraus anthology The Best Ten Minute Plays of 2009. Brian was a 2006 recipient of the Elliot Norton Award for Outstanding Production as a co-writer of PS Page Me Later. He was selected as a finalist for the Disney/ABC TV Writing Fellowship in 2008 and was a Visiting Artist for the Kennedy Center Summer Playwriting Program in 2007. He works in marketing and development for a non-profit performing arts center in Pasadena, CA, and serves on the Board of Directors for Need Theatre Company. Brian is a member of The Dramatist’s Guild.