The Authors

Kathleen Akerley is a DC-based playwright, director, and actor. She  spent five years writing about professional hockey for the Washington Capitals.  

Meg Bashwiner is a writer, actress, theatrical magic maker, and insurance agent.  She cannot resist a double dare, and she floats in most liquids.

Gary Belsky
is editor in chief of ESPN The Magazine and an adjunct professor of journalism at New York University.

Kurt Chiang is a Neo-Futurist in Chicago. He writes and performs tiny, tiny plays with the NF ensemble in Too Much Light Makes the Baby Go Blind.

Jeffrey Cranor is an ensemble member with the performance art collective the New York Neo-Futurists.  He has also collaborated with choreographer and wife Jillian Sweeney on two solo shows: Imaginary Lines (2007) and This Could Be It (2009).

Mark Farr, unable to love, is driven by an insane desire to kill! Living for violence, sin, and sensation, he is a writer and theater artist who lives in Brooklyn, party central. Ha ha ha! He thinks he knows it all!

Joseph Fink spent a lot of hours sitting in front of a computer to make this book. When he’s not typing “how to lay out book” into Google, he is a writer who lives in Brooklyn.

Marcus Goodyear is a writer, editor, and poet. He lives in the Texas hill country with his wife, two kids, and two dogs.

Will Hartwell and Christopher Scheer are writers/performers from Massachusetts and Long Island, respectively. In their short lives, they have made a gratuitous number of Cthulhu jokes.

Jonathan Herzog graduated from Emory University in 2005 with a degree in creative writing. He currently lives in Brooklyn, NY.

Kyle Levenick is only kind of a writer. If you are reading this, he would like to congratulate you on your phonemic awareness and hopes that you are not trying to find out more about him for malicious purposes.

Hannah Lott-Schwartz has been recognized for her poetry, both spoken and written word, in a number of contests and publications and has most recently ventured into creative nonfiction. She's a graduate student in Emerson College’s Publishing and Writing program.

Justin Marquis is a 24-year-old mixed media artist based in Cambridge, MA. He is currently caught up in the beauty of angles and curves, which might explain why there are so many diagonal lines in his illustrations in this book.

Daniel McCoy is a playwright and performer living in New York City. His play Eli and Cheryl Jump recently enjoyed a run in the 2009 New York International Fringe Festival.

Rob Neill
is a founding member and Managing Director of the New York Neo-Futurists and has performed Too Much Light Makes The Baby Go Blind around the country since 1995.  He trained at the London Academy of Music and Dramatic Art, the National Theater Institute, and Grinnell College.

Zack Parsons claims to be a humorist from Chicago and has been writing for since 2001. He is the author of two books for new mothers on water births and breast feeding, titled My Tank is Fight! and Your Next-Door Neighbor is a Dragon.

Brian James Polak is a playwright living in Los Angeles. His plays have been read and produced around the United States and London. His play Reverse Evolution is published in the Smith & Kraus anthology The Best Ten Minute Plays of 2009.

Marta Rainer has performed her Unaccustomed to My Name Off-Broadway, across America and internationally since 2001. Her Radio Cape Cod (feature screenplay) debuted on PBS last Valentine’s Day.

Brock Savage likes pie. A graduate of fancy schmancy schools, he’s a disappointment to himself more than anyone else.

F. Omar Telan made his directorial debut at La Mama E.T.C. (NYC) with The Edge of the World and has performed theatrically at P.S. 122 (NYC), the New York Fringe Festival, and the Philadelphia Fringe Festival.