1. We have a new book. Check it out!

2. We got reviewed by the CalArts literary blog

3. Contest winners have been announced!

We have a new book. Check it out!

Commonplace Books is proud to announce our newest book, What It Means To Be a Grown-Up: The Complete and Definitive Answer, featuring over thirty contributors, including comedian Neil Hamburger and Onion AV Club writer Nathan Rabin, answering the question "What does it mean to be a grown-up?"

Check it out here.

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We got reviewed by the CalArts literary blog

We're excited to announced that some people wrote words about our words. And the words seem to be favorable!

See for yourself!

or just relax in your chair and maybe open a drink as we hit you with a quote:

"If you’re feeling the distinctly sharp absence of cults, exorcisms, and unnameable discomfort in your life, look no further than A Commonplace Book of the Weird: The Untold Stories of H.P. Lovecraft to soothe your aching void.


If Lovecraft is turning over in his grave, it’s to get a better look at the mirror. And if Cthulhu is listening from the depths of the sea, no doubt there’s a smile on its horrible face."

Want to join in the conversation? Post your own reviews here or here or here or anywhere else on the web you feel like posting them. And then maybe let us know at We'd love to hear from you.

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Contest winners have been announced!

And we have the winners and also many, many runners-up, because you are so very talented and we are so very intoxicated by talent. Read them all here!

We're really excited to announce a contest that we believe to be a little more special than your average product launch contest. Here's the deal: we're giving away a chance to have something you wrote appear in all future printings of the book. 

The rules are simple. Read through this list of the Lovecraft ideas and select one that was not used in the book. Alternately, you can stay true to the spirit of the original project by using a random number generator to choose one for you. Here are instructions on how to do that.

Once you have chosen the Lovecraft idea, write a story based on it. The story must cover all parts of the original idea, and can be no longer than 2000 words. It does not have to be in a Lovecraft style. It can be any genre with any style of prose. We are only judging on the quality of the writing. 

Email your submission to as a .doc or .rtf attachment. Please copy and paste the first couple paragraphs of your submission into the email body and don't forget to give us your contact info, the Lovecraft idea number you used, and the title of your story.

Submissions must be received by end of the day October 18. Winners will be announced soon afterward. One submission per person please. Prizes are as follows:


Second and Third Prizes

A signed copy of the book and your story published on this site.

Grand Prize

Your story published in all future editions of the book, and a signed copy of the book with your story printed in it! On paper and everything!

Fine print: You will not be paid for the story's inclusion in the book, sorry. You will, however, retain all rights to your story. Which, if it's a great story (it will be), is a good thing. Also, this contest is so cool, it might actually be illegal in certain states. Consult your local "rad contest" laws.  

Printing of future editions that include your story are dependent on need. In other words, we won't print it until we run out of the first edition. However, we expect to have to reprint pretty soon after the release, so it shouldn't be a problem. But we can't guarantee it. This sentence is unrelated to the rest of the paragraph and is just here to remind you how awesome this contest is and how much fun it would be if you won it.
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